Inoutic Facts

  • Inoutic / Deceuninck GmbH is a subsidiary of the Belgian Deceuninck Group which, with its branches in over 75 countries has a global network in the field of plastics processing. Inoutic was founded in 1956 as the plastic processing company Kunststoffwerke Gebr. Anger in Bogen. In 1985 the company became “Thyssen Polymer GmbH, Kunststofftechnik” and in 2007 was renamed “Inoutic / Deceuninck GmbH”

Inoutic / Thyssen Polymer – German uPVC Profiles

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Prime Asia Exclusively uses the German Imported Inoutic Profile System. Former Thyssen Polymer, Inoutic is the European Market Leader of uPVC Window and Door Profiles.

Inoutic’s Profile Multi-Chamber Design provides a thermical barrier between your living space and hot outside temperatures. Combined with the proper Glass it is possible to save up to 30% of yearly electric cost. Inoutic Profile system contains Titanium Dioxide, which will prevent the material to change color under strong sunlight – Warrant for 10 Years !

G-U Facts

  • Gretsch-Unitas
    After more than 100 years of success, Gretsch-Unitas is one of the­ leading sup­pliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building man­age­ment systems. G-U features an unrivaled selec­tion of prod­ucts, ranging from window hardware for single-family homes through to complex building man­age­ment systems
  • GU Thailand

Gretsch Unitas Hardware

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Beautiful and Resistant uPVC Window and Door Hardware and Bangkok Based Location, makes Gretsch-Unitas a strong partner for Prime Asia.

In extreme atmospheric conditions, the corrosional attack on hardware coatings is more aggressive than in moderate climates or environments. Such extreme conditions exist in coastal areas, in heavy industrial areas, at agricultural production sites, in damp rooms, and at any location exposed to heavy weathering. Precise function and strong resistance to rust makes G-U Hardware the perfect choice for damp, tropical climates like Thailand. G-U hardware received the highest certifications, by undergoing 1500 hours of salt spray test.

Steinert Facts

  • Steinert Co., Ltd. / Germany – Thailand
    With 20 year experience in application and distribution of technical industrial consumables , equipment’s and machines paired with more than 10 years local market experience the Steinert Technology Group established a strong technical sales, service and distribution network in South-East-Asia.

Steinert Bonding Technology

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Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Long term close cooperation’s with leading German suppliers such as JOWAT, WEISS CHEMIE & TECHNIK, KOEMMERLING and OTTO-CHEMIE are the guarantor for Steinert Technology to offer innovative and cost competitive products. Beside existing standard high quality products Steinert Technology also developed together with the R&D of it’s suppliers custom made solution or special for the SEA market adjusted formulations.

Product reliability is achieved by offering products made in Europe following general European norms and Standards, a reliable supply is achieved through an extensive distribution network. The Steinert product portfolio for the construction industry, includes adhesives & sealants, foams, special cleaners and decorative materials.

TGSG Facts

  • Thai-German Specialty Glass Co., Ltd. (TGSG) is Thailand‘s leading specialty glass manufacturer which was established in 1985 through a joint venture between Thai and German investors with the promotional privileges of Thailand‘s Board of Investment (BOI).

TGSG – Thai/German Specialty Glass Co.LTD

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Extensive Choice of Glass from TGSG. 20 Year Anniversary !

Carefully think about the glazing used in your house. Normal Glass allows solar heat to penetrate into your living place, potentially causing the inside temperature to increase during day time. To avoid this choose only high performing Glass like E-Lite, SE-Lite and HEAT STOP to enhance properties of Solar Control, Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Acoustic Isolation, in conjunction with uPVC Windows of Prime Asia.